Forget about heavy towels that fall off your head, and focus on getting dressed, or doing your makeup or other favourite skin care rituals, while your hair dries by itself. Benefits for you and your hair:– a lightweight and compact hair wrap, ideal when travelling or for use at the gym – shortens hair drying time by up to 50% – packed in a waterproof zipper bag for comfortable storage – suitable for all hair types – you can devote your time to your favourite activities while your hair dries by itself – made of the highest-quality microfiber – gently envelops your hair without destroying its structure

Step-by-step – how to use the GLOV Soft Hair Wrap?  

1.  After washing your hair, gently squeeze out any excess water with a regular towel. Tilt your head down.

2.  Brush your hair using a downward motion. Again gently squeeze out any excess water with a regular towel. Now you are ready to put on the GLOV Soft Hair Wrap.

3.  Place the turban over your head with the button at the back. Wrap the turban and secure the elastic loop with the button to keep the hair in place. Now you can comfortably apply your makeup, do your favourite skin care rituals or get dressed, saving time while your hair dries by itself in the turban! Remember to hang the hair wrap up to dry in an airy place.   


Composition: 100% polyester


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