GLOV COOL CURL : Filled with an innovative, meticulously engineered memory foam, the COOLCURL? is made to be comfortably worn and slept in. The elastic foam will easily adapt to your head?s shape and movements, while keeping your hair in place. Thanks to the specifics of our filling, you can decide how big or small your curls should be, as the foam will allow you to curl the hair more tight or loose, according to your preferences! The use of memory foam in this type of product is unique to GLOV?, as we looked for ways to make your heatless hair styling process as seamless as possible.

The GLOV? technical microfiber that covers the COOLCURL? is super-absorbent to wick out any remaining water from your hair during the night. It?s also been developed to be very gentle to the hair, meaning it won?t damage your hair?s natural structure, avoiding any frizz, breakage or unwanted creasing. Thanks to this, your whole hair care routine can now be managed without any use of heat!


  • Achieve long-lasting curls with minimum effort
  • Style your hair without damaging heat
  • Reduce hair frizz, breakage and tangling during nighttime
  • Wash and reuse your COOLCURL? styling tool for many years to come!


After washing, dry your hair by about 90% using the GLOV? Hair wrap or a hair dryer.
Place the GLOV COOL CURL ? on top of your head, like a headband.
Split your hair in two sections, making a ?zig zag? part in the middle of your head.
Starting with one side, from the top, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the rod, as if you were making a french braid. Work your way down adding new hair strands each time, until all hair is wrapped around the COOLCURL?.
Secure the ends with the scrunchie and repeat on the other side.
For best results, leave overnight or for 4-6 hours and until hair is completely dry. Remove all items gently and shake hair. Enjoy your COOLCURLs!




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