Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist 150ml


  • S?ve Bleue des Oc?ans + 27 nutrients

    Complex of 27 Poly-Revitalising Nutrients:
    . Creates an isotonic solution to allow perfect osmosis between the cells and their environment to minimise irritation?and optimise cell metabolism
    . Stimulates the production of fibroblasts and neosynthesis of support fibres
    . Protects the skin against oxidative stress and protects the dermis from glycation of proteins
    . Improves cellular communication and respiration to boost?metabolism and improve the effectiveness of other active ingredients

  • S?ve Bleue des Oc?ans – alcohol-free

    A unique composition: 14 times richer in Silicium than seawater, 12 times more concentrated in Manganese and contains?8 times more?Zinc. It performs a?triple action on the skin:?hydration, an immediate soothing effect and strengthening of the cellular structure.


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