Sun Perfect is Lancaster’s most advanced global anti-ageing suncare line combining its suncare and skincare expertise for year-round use. The advanced Sun Perfect Sun Illuminating Cream SPF 50 offers Lancaster’s exclusive and advanced Full Light Technology that targets 100% of the sun spectrum* alongside Anti-ageing Technology, natural-origin Sun Repair System and Glow Booster Complex. It broadly protects skin against UVBs, UVAs, visible light and infrared rays, shielding it from sun-induced damage, and strengthening its resistance against future sun damage. The formula also prevents and helps to correct wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. Skin hydration and texture are improved and skin’s natural luminosity is enhanced. Skin is even and youthful-looking with an immediate natural glow, all year round. Clean and ocean-friendly, this upgraded formula offers immediate and long-lasting hydration. Non-sticky and non-greasy, the ultra-sensorial and lightweight texture of this Lancaster sunscreen is easy to spread and instantly melts into the skin. Invisible once applied, this comfortable face sunscreen instantly illuminates skin and leaves it soft and smooth with a velvety finish. *No sunscreen product can provide full protection against sun rays.

How to Use
Apply Sun Perfect Sun Illuminating Cream SPF 50 all over face and neckline before sun exposure.|Re-apply generously and frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming, perspiring or towelling off.|It is the perfect step at the end of your morning skincare routine for daily protection with anti-ageing benefits.

Features & Benefits
Broad-spectrum sun protection.|Exclusive Anti-ageing Technology that helps correct wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots and prevents the appearance of new ones.|Skin hydration and texture are improved.|Natural-origin Sun Repair System that helps repair skin from sun-induced damage.|Natural-origin Glow Booster Complex that improves skin luminosity.|Clean formula containing natural-origin active ingredients.|Ocean-friendly and water-resistant formula.|Vegan suncare formula.


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