GLOV Skin Smoothing: More beautiful skin in 3 weeks!

Although beauty comes from inside, it’s time to get them out! Tight, toned skin with a reduced “orange peel” and a divine glow is your new outfit of the day!Body Massage Glove Skin Smoothing is a product that will help you firm your skin and reduce cellulite. The research confirmed that only 3 weeks of regular use is enough to improve skin condition by 66% and cellulite reduced by 27%!

Step by step – how to use GLOV Skin Smoothing?

You can use the glove in the shower with only water or your favorite shower gel (for a stronger effect it can be a scrub gel). Massage your body towards the heart – from ankles to knees, from knees to stomach. And now everyone on board, it’s time to get rid of cellulite. Once and for all!


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